Youth gather in Halifax to continue conversation on material and spiritual prosperity

Posted: 2015/08/07

Participants of the “In Serried Lines” Atlantic youth gathering.

A number of youth gatherings and conferences are taking place this summer, with the support of Regional Councils and local teams, bringing hundreds of youth together across the country to discuss matters of spiritual import, including the role of youth in contributing to the material and spiritual prosperity of their communities.

Cities that are holding gatherings include Montreal and Quebec City in Quebec, Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia, Toronto, Sudbury and Ottawa in Ontario, and Calgary, Alta.

Youth paint during an art workshop at the gathering.

One such gathering, called In Serried Lines” was held in Halifax, N.S. in May, where more than 60 youth gathered from across the Atlantic region and spent time together praying, studying, engaging in physical activity and participating in art workshops. The gathering culminated in an impromptu service project in which the participants collected garbage from the grounds where the gathering was held.

This is the second youth gathering held in the region, and its purpose is to provide a space for youth to form and strengthen friendships, nurture a collective identity that was nurtured by the 2013 youth conference, further expand the circle of friends, share insights that have been gained since the last gathering, and prepare and plan for the next few months.

Photos from the Halifax gathering:

Photos from the Ottawa gathering: