Youth discuss service with Richmond City Councillor

Posted: 2022/04/08

Richmond Youth Friends With Councillor Bill McNulty Outside Cropped 300x190Counsellor Borna Noureddin, four members of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Richmond, B.C., junior youth coordinator Saba Changizi and five youth studying the institute courses met with City Councillor Bill McNulty.

City Councillor Bill McNulty visited the Richmond, B.C. Youth Education Centre in mid-March as more than 30 youth gathered to study the Ruhi Institute courses and build capacity to serve their community.

Five of these youth met with Mr. McNulty and shared how the skills and experience they gained since studying Ruhi Books 1, 3 and 5 empowered them to arise to serve as tutors, animators, and children’s class teachers less than a year ago.

The youth said that the Education Centre is a safe place for youth and junior youth to confide in one another about the many challenges they face at school, such as bullying. The Education Centre serves as a facility for the core activities and neighbourhood gatherings of the Richmond community.

Junior youth coordinator Saba Changizi discussed the aims of the junior youth spiritual empowerment programme with Mr. McNulty and described the steps being taken to reach out to more youth in the community. The youth expressed their wish for more young people to be able to benefit from these educational programs, discussing the possibility of opening them in their schools. They also spoke about their admiration for their tutors and mentors and everyone they serve with and said that they feel they are making a difference in the lives of the junior youth and children.

– Submitted by the Richmond team