Videos from recent youth conferences

Posted: 2014/08/26

The final four youth conferences called by the National Spiritual Assembly have now taken place, gathering approximately 150 youth in Waterloo, Ont., 165 in Ottawa, Ont., 330 in Vancouver, B.C, and 440 in Toronto, Ont.

More than 1,600 youth have now participated in conferences held across Canada which include the aforementioned conferences along with Halifax, N.S., Saskatoon, Sask., Victoria, B.C, Calgary, AB., Montreal, Que., and Kelowna, B.C.

Several videos in which participants from the youth conference in Montreal, Que. share their reflections are now available on the Building Community Website.

Here is one of the videos:

The videos show youth reflecting on some of the concepts explored at the conference, including the role of mutual support and assistance in community building and the role of youth in society.

One youth commented on the importance of mutual support, expressing that “having support from others who have different experiences can really help transform your vision.”

“In my community, I think we need this mutual support to extend beyond our small meetings, to create a community spirit and make it grow.”