Photos from the 72nd National Convention

Posted: 2022/05/17

Centre photo: Members of the National Spiritual Assembly seated with the Counsellors.

  Counsellor Ayafor Ayafor addresses the Convention on the first day.

Delegates listen to Deloria Bighorn, who served as Chairperson of the Convention.

The delegates share insights around the expansive vision called for by the Nine Year Plan.

Delegates cast their ballots for the National Spiritual Assembly.

After all the ballots are cast, those assembled stand and applaud.

Delegates from Quebec at the Convention.

The consultation was guided by a series of themes prepared by the National Assembly, all connected to teaching the Cause.

Teaching Indigenous peoples was a topic close to the heart of the Convention.

Some delegates shared insights around the functioning of Local Spiritual Assemblies.

Karen McKye, who served as Secretary of the Convention, delivers the closing remarks of the National Assembly.

The delegates made several collective recommendations to the National Assembly.

Counsellor Borna Noureddin closes the Convention with a series of remarks on the implications of the Nine Year Plan.

Nine seal skin artworks by Cheryl Fennell, several pictured here, were created to honour ʻAbdu’l-Bahá’s efforts to reconcile all religions and peoples and bring about unity and peace.

Photos were taken by Payam Shodjai, with contributions from Nikta Hazeri and Louis Brunet.