Participation in politics

Posted: 2014/08/18
Photo: Galen Humber

Photo: Galen Humber

The National Spiritual Assembly recently recommended that all friends refresh their study of the Universal House of Justice’s 2 March 2013 letter to the Bahá’ís of Iran “in light of the conflicts emerging in different parts of the world and their devastating consequences.”

The National  Assembly wrote:

 This extraordinary message provides a framework that will inform not only the friends’ attitudes and approaches, but also their conversation, which as we know should not stray into such subjects as politics, including the relationships between nations. Above all, the letter describes in powerful terms the constructive work in which the community is engaged all around the world to sow and nurture the seeds of a new civilization, a light that is growing in strength and beauty in the midst of the darkness of turmoil around us.

2 March 2013