Message from the National Spiritual Assembly regarding Canada’s support of the Continental Fund

Posted: 2019/12/13

12 December 2019 / 1 Questions 176

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Dear Bahá’í Friends,

The National Spiritual Assembly has received a beautiful letter from the Continental Board of Counsellors concerning the support of USD$334,672.50 extended in the last year to the Continental Fund by the Canadian Bahá’í community, and we wished to share it with you.

“Your continuous support to this vital Fund of the Faith, through which the sustainability of the processes of the current global Plans are strengthened throughout our continent, is of utmost significance. In the world that Bahá’u’lláh has envisioned, the resources of the planet will be used to bring about spiritual and material prosperity for the entire human race. Shoghi Effendi has written that “the progress and execution of spiritual activities” is “conditioned upon material means”. Thus, your contributions both help sustain the activities and channel financial resources in ways that promote the well-being of humanity.

“As we know, a fundamental truth underlying the principle of generosity is that when donations are made selflessly, the giver is also the receiver of bounty. The Board of Counsellors wishes to assure you and your dear community of its prayers that your sacrificial and dedicated efforts for advancing the Plan may be divinely confirmed, and your dear community may at all times be surrounded by the bounties and protection of the Blessed Beauty.”

With loving Bahá’í greetings,


Karen McKye, Secretary