Letter to the Universal House of Justice from the National Convention

Posted: 2015/07/15

From the delegates of the 67th Canadian National Convention to the Universal House of Justice, 26 April 2015/18 Glory 172:

The Universal House of Justice

Dearest Friends,

We, the delegates of 67th Canadian Bahá’í National Convention, send our deepest love and appreciation to the Universal House of Justice for blessing and guiding the friends worldwide with its Ridván message of 2015.

Augmented by the profound insights of Counsellors Sonlla Heern and Dan Scott, and facilitated with thoughtful guidance from the National Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada, the institution of the Convention has studied and consulted on the achievements of the past, the learnings of the present, and the challenges of the future, as the Canadian Bahá’í community embarks on the final year of the Five year Plan with renewed commitment to individual teaching and collective endeavours within the Plan’s framework.

Reassured to have hope no matter the progress identified, we have reflected, through consultation and in song, on the meaning of a simple strand of love, the vital thread from which we are weaving a vibrant pattern of community life, assured of divine assistance and ultimate success. The consultation has particularly highlighted the sincere desire of the friends to embrace the original inhabitants of Canada within a loving Bahá’í community and to extend the ownership of the framework for action to these unique peoples whose contributions are so vital to the achievement of the goals of the Plan.

Privileged as well with ongoing guidance on the divine obligation of Huqúqu’lláh, the love of those gathered at the Convention was further bolstered by recent developments shared by Don Rogers on the progress of the House of Worship in Chile and by moving accounts of capacity building, both physical and spiritual, among the cherished friends of Vanuatu.

With meaningful insights from Canada’s North, East, South and West, the delegates of the Convention resolve to return to their clusters with renewed vigour and invite all souls, young and old alike, from all members of the human family to lend themselves to the onward surge.

With utmost gratitude,

The National Convention of the Bahá’ís of Canada