Letter from the 70th Convention to the Universal House of Justice

Posted: 2018/06/12

NC 2018 Delegate Photo For WebThe delegates of the 70th National Convention, including former House of Justice member Dr. Firaydoun Javahari and his wife Vida Javahari (third row, sixth from left) seated among the members of the National Spiritual Assembly (third row, third from left) with Counsellor Dr. Borna Noureddin (third row, fourth from right). Photo: Liam Moore

To our beloved Universal House of Justice,

With hearts brimming with joy, the delegates at the 70th Canadian National Convention began their earnest deliberations on the pressing requirements of the Plan, celebrating the accomplishments of the previous year, distilling their learnings and preparing to surge forward at an accelerated pace towards the monumental second Bicentenary and beyond. The diligent preparation of the space and materials by our highly esteemed National Spiritual Assembly, the spirit of excellence with which even the smallest acts of service were carried out by the volunteers, the warmth of the atmosphere, the spontaneous integration of music, the presence of our stalwart Auxiliary Board members and the remarks of our much-loved Continental Counsellor Borna Noureddin conduced to a consultation rich, broad, inspiring and focused.

The most precious gift of the annual Ridván message, held central in all our deliberations, flanked by the splendid May 3, 2018 message from the International Teaching Centre and the deeply moving documentary film “A Widening Embrace” filled our souls, on the one hand, with awe and wonder at the possibilities that lie before us while simultaneously offering a sobering glimpse of the magnitude of the work at hand.

From those small, remote regions of Canada to the large metropole cities, stories abounded of how the friends arose in courageous and creative ways to converse with friends, neighbours, coworkers and acquaintances about the teachings and person of Bahá’u’lláh. Your guidance, urging us to see in each person who responded to our invitation a potential protagonist in the community-building process, has reconceptualized our understanding of what a Bahá’í community is.

Early in the Convention the Board of Trustees of Huqúqu’lláh offered an informative, illuminating presentation on the developments of its institution in Canada over the past year. At the half-way mark, in a rarefied and spiritual atmosphere, the new National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Canada was elected with a participation of 100 percent and not a single ballot spoiled. These same loved ones, later in the evening, who had had the privilege of participating in the International Bahá’í Convention shared highlights of their experiences — insightful, humorous and uplifting.

Of note, the presence of Mr. Douglas Martin, Dr. Firaydoun and Mrs. Vida Javaheri bestowed a special blessing on this Convention. Dr. Javaheri’s address, covering a range of topics including some reflections on the historic and recently concluded International Bahá’í Convention, the legacy of the Canadian Bahá’í community, the importance of re-examining habits of thought, and the indispensable need to rise to greater heights of sacrifice, left the friends so inspired and “re-fired” that a palpable spirit of joy and consecration was generated that will, in time, surely penetrate the many communities that we the delegates will soon be returning to.

Beloved Universal House of Justice – how strong our love for you! How wide the gap between our limited sight and your stupendous insight! How we long to see your vision unfold! As we, more than ever before, gird our loins in His Path, turn wholeheartedly to the example of our spiritual forebears, and stand willing to be led by the hand of Providence, we testify that we have no hope but your hope, and beseech the Primal Point to cause those scintillating qualities of the spirit that distinguished His loved ones to appear once more in the hearts of those who today dare to do battle in the Army of God.

With utter self-effacement,

The Delegates of the 70th Canadian National Bahá’í Convention.