Fall 2015 issue of Bahá’í Canada

Posted: 2015/11/20

Inspiration for this issue is drawn, in part, from the recent Ridván 2015 message. Some of the stories, both historic and current, explore what emerges from inauspicious beginnings. Others stories examine the importance of having hope, of how capacity is gradually built and progress achieved, and the abiding sense of joy that surrounds it all.

In the fifth paragraph of the Ridván 2015 message to the Bahá’ís of the World, the Universal House of Justice writes:

We wish to address some additional words to those of you in whose surroundings marked progress is yet to occur and who long for change. Have hope. It will not always be so. Is not the history of our Faith filled with accounts of inauspicious beginnings but marvellous results? How many times have the deeds of a few believers—young or old—or of a single family, or even of a lone soul, when confirmed by the power of divine assistance, succeeded in cultivating vibrant communities in seemingly inhospitable climes? Do not imagine that your own case is inherently any different. Change in a cluster, be it swift or hard won, flows neither from a formulaic approach nor from random activity; it proceeds to the rhythm of action, reflection, and consultation, and is propelled by plans that are the fruit of experience. Beyond this, and whatever its immediate effects, service to the Beloved is, in itself, a source of abiding joy to the spirit. Take heart, too, from the example of your spiritual kin in the Cradle of the Faith, how their constructive outlook, their resilience as a community, and their steadfastness in promoting the Divine Word are bringing about change in their society at the level of thought and deed. God is with you, with each of you. In the twelve months that remain of the Plan, let every community advance from its present position to a stronger one.

The entire Ridván 2015 message, received and distributed earlier this year, is included in this issue for your ease of reference.

Fall 2015 issue