Bahá’í Councils 2014 – 2015

Posted: 2014/11/27

On 26 November, the Day of the Covenant, a new term of service began for Regional Bahá’í Councils in Canada. Referred to by the Universal House of Justice as a “new element of Bahá’í administration,” Councils are institutions “of a special kind,” brought into being by the Supreme Body to carry forward the teaching work and minister to the needs of a rapidly growing Bahá’í community.

The following individuals will be serving on Bahá’í Councils until November 2015:


Milad Asdaghi, Terri Flanagan, Allison Healy, Shamim Imamverdi and Elaine Zavitz.

Atlantic provinces

Denis Allard, Sharon Chesley-Smith, Stephen Gouthro, Giselle Melanson and Wendi Ryan.

British Columbia

Regina Jonker , Lynn Smith, Charlene Antinuk, Dorsa Noureddin, Bahram Gustaspi, Dale Peterson, Anne Murray, Chohre Rassekh and Susan Ardekany.


Nancy Lavoie, Brett Smith, Jane Hoy, Peter Smith, Patricia Cameron, Alex Arjomand, Fu’ad Foroughi, Philippe Allard and Elena Toukan.


Gregory Fortin-Vidah, Laurie Zrudlo, Nabil Nakhostine, John MacLeod, Nicole Lachance, Leyla Shodjai, Benjamin Hatcher, Marilyn Ghadirian and Monique Robert.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Ruben Beattie, Andrew Hatala, Shar Mitchell, Dayan North and Elnaz Shadabi.