Auxiliary Board members

All of the institutions and agencies promoting the aim of the current series of global Plans need to exercise the measure of agility that the birth of such a dynamic process demands – but none more so than the Auxiliary Board members. To help the friends visualize this first important milestone, and the multiplicity of ways in which it can be reached, is central to the functioning of every Auxiliary Board member and an increasing number of his or her assistants. In this, as in all their work, they must display breadth of vision and clarity of thought, flexibility and resourcefulness. They should stand shoulder to shoulder with the friends, supporting them through their struggles and partaking in their joys. Some of these friends will quickly move to the forefront of activity, while others will step forward more tentatively; yet all require support and encouragement, offered not in the abstract but on the basis of that intimate knowledge which is only acquired by working side by side in the field of service. Faith in the capacity of every individual who shows a desire to serve will prove essential to the efforts of those who are to elicit from the believers wholehearted participation in the Plan. Unqualified love free of paternalism will be indispensable if they are to help turn hesitation into courage born of trust in God and transform a yearning for excitement into a commitment to long-term action. Calm determination will be vital as they strive to demonstrate how stumbling blocks can be made stepping stones for progress. And a readiness to listen, with heightened spiritual perception, will be invaluable in identifying obstacles that may prevent some of the friends from appreciating the imperative of unified action. (Universal House of Justice, 28 December 2010)

Here are the names of the Auxiliary Board members:

Propagation:   Drew Erickson
Protection:      Karolina Drabik, Shabnam Shakibaei

Atlantic Provinces
Propagation:  Mert Ozyonum
Protection:      Alanna Robertson-Vreeland

British Columbia
Propagation:  Betty Dai, Anthony Jjumba, Shawyun Refahi, Anisa Skuce-Newell
Protection:     Nabih Ardekany, Lori Mason, Agazzi Abay Tsehaye, Navid Jaberi

Northwest Territories
Protection:      Karolina Drabik, Shabnam Shakibaei

Propagation:   Caitlin Moore

Propagation:   Neda Farahmandpour, Lita Cameron, Elisa Cooper, Caitlin Moore
Protection:      Bronwyn Naylor, Golbon Singh, Justin Kianfar, Rebecca Hamilton-Bachiu, Ravin Appadoo

Propagation: Maëlle Turbide
Protection:    Mona Pirmoradi

Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Propagation:  Dagmawit E. Habtemariam
Protection:     Anis Sabet

Yukon Territory
Protection:     Navid Jaberi