Chinese-subtitled “A Widening Embrace” now available

Posted: 2019/01/09

The film “A Widening Embrace” is now available with Chinese subtitles to open the way for more friends to enjoy, and learn from, the stories in the video from around the world.

One of the places depicted in the film is Vancouver, where the friends share the development of English Corner: a program that uses concepts from the Bahá’í Faith to engage new residents in the wider community in conversations about spirituality, service and community life while also teaching English. Through this story and the others in the film, individuals can learn to analyse their own community growth by looking at what they are striving to learn, what methods are being tried and the outcomes of those efforts.

It is hoped that by sharing this translation such conversations can continue to develop across Canada and everyone will feel invited to participate. While the Chinese subtitled version is being hosted here, several other languages, including French and English, can be found at

A Widening Embrace 「海纳百川」 中英双语简体版